Trust Investment Policies

The Trust invests through a wholly owned company, Johnsonville Property Trust Limited (JPTL).  Dividends (regular and special) from the company are used to pay the JCT operating costs and for grants made by JCT.  Surplus funds held by JCT may be loaned to JPTL for further investment.

JPTL  in turn has a portfolio of investment, typically in commercial property with associated commercial leases from tenants.  This provides a regular cash flow and potential capital gains from property value increases.  Decisions about specific investments rest with the Directors of JPTL.

Accountability Documents

The JCT annual reports are available here.
The JPTL and Group accounts are audited annually and are available here.

Management Arrangements

JCT employs a contractor to manage day to day Trust requirements and to provide secretarial services and advice to the Trust.